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Gyan (Hindi Word) meaning Knowledge or understanding of something, I used name AboutGyan (AG) to gather information and write a blog about tech, internet, mobile, entertainment, review, blogging and other latest news from outside sources.

My first blog is about the travel agency business, as I mentioned in my blog about me as the owner of a travel agency. I have 10 years of my experience to share with the world and what problem people occur in the travel agency business. So, I started writing my first dream article “How to become a travel agent” and share my experience. If you are want to startup your travel agency business you can take benefit of reading my blog How to become Travel Agent.

Today Internet is growing very fast and people can’t live without surfing internet in mobile and desktop. If you have a good Idea or knowledge about something to share, then it is the right time to start blogging. Read my complete article how you can start blogging, even if you don’t have knowledge of coding, just follow my guide to become expertise in blogging “Frebies – Complete guide to start a blog“.


I am Murtaza Kalang CEO and Author of AboutGyan, I have passion about internet and website development, at my free time I always try to learn how to make a website and how I started my online business. Some day I write an article about a travel agency business and at that time I got an idea to start blogging to share my knowledge and experience.