MUMBAI: Covid-19 cases continued to tick upwards in Maharashtra for the sixth day in a row, even as several districts imposed varying degrees of restrictions.
The state added 6,971 cases on Sunday, the highest in 121 days.
Mumbai also mirrored the surge, adding over 900 cases after 84 days.
Sunday’s addition of 921 cases took the city’s tally to 3,19,128, while the state’s total caseload jumped to 21,00,884.
Mumbai circle added the highest number of cases (1678) followed by Akola circle (1585) and Pune circle (1309).
Among corporations, after Mumbai, Amravati added the second highest number of cases (666), racing ahead of Pune city that reported 640 cases on Sunday.
Nagpur city too reported around 600 cases, a 284% jump from 156 cases it reported a month ago. Akola and Yawatmal added 145 and 96 cases respectively.
CM Uddhav Thackeray said he was worried about the surge in Amravati and particularly the fact that new cases detected were almost matching with the previous peak seen by districts.
“It would put a lot of strain on the health care system if it continues,” he said.
“This is a war against viruses and masks are an effective shield to protect us from the virus,” the CM said, adding that lockdown may not be the solution, but is the only option to break the chain of transmission.

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