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120 doses came, more than 500 people reached to get the vaccine

120 doses came, more than 500 people reached to get the vaccine


Bedia (AboutGyan News). There was a ruckus on Wednesday at the vaccination center in the Government Boys’ Secondary School. The people who came here to get the vaccine, created a ruckus regarding the distribution of tokens. On being informed about this, the police reached the spot. Vaccination was done in the presence of police. 120 doses had arrived at the center to vaccinate people above 18 years of age. As soon as the information was received, more than 500 people reached the center.

Since morning, hundreds of people reached the center to get the vaccine and lined up. Around 11 am some people came and went straight inside the centre. The people in the line got angry as soon as they entered the center. He started making a ruckus. The police reached the spot after the commotion escalated. The police also had to face the anger of the people. The police put the people who came to get the vaccine in the line. Police was stationed at the center to get the vaccination done.

Been in line since seven in the morning

Deepak Mukati, Dinesh Mukati, Sudhir Sen told that they were in line since morning to get the vaccine. But some people went straight inside the center and were getting the vaccine. People allege that 100 people were given tokens by the health department employees while 120 doses were received. Due to the uproar outside the centre, a crowd of people gathered. Due to which the physical distance was seen flying. The physical distance is not being followed even by the responsible officers who follow the Corona rules. In this case, Dr. Praveen Birla, in-charge of the Primary Health Center said that 120 had come on Wednesday. In which 120 doses were applied to the people. But a large number of citizens had arrived. That’s why this situation happened.

Rameshwar Patidar, who was the MP for the most number of times from Khagron-Barwani seat, passed away.

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100 tokens distributed on sight, youth disappointed

Dhargaon. People in the age group of 18 to 44 years started reaching the vaccination center in the village from 8 am on Wednesday. Youth from villages like Dhargaon, Harsgaon, Jhapdi, Sulgaon, Karodia, Gogawan, Chundadia, Nandra etc. reached the sports complex of Government Boys School and started in line. Token distribution started from 9 am. Soon 100 tokens were distributed. In this process, many youths had to return disappointed due to not getting tokens. About 100 doses were found for the vaccine here. Whereas more than 250 people had come to get the vaccine. Patwari Rajendra Patidar, Secretary Jitendra Billaur, Assistant Secretary Kamlesh Patidar, Arjun Choel, Sanjay Patel, Sohan Singh Patel did the work of token distribution. Vaccination was started from 10 am. By around 12:30 pm, the entire 100 people were vaccinated. 29-year-old Lokesh Patidar said that the vaccine is a better way to prevent corona. 27 Praveen Singh Patel of Sulgaon said that everyone should get the vaccine. This is the most accurate defense of the corona virus during this disaster.