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152 people returned home from Kovid recovering

152 people returned home from Kovid recovering


Neemuch (Newdunia Representative). A large number of people are getting healthy every day from Kovid in the district. On Monday, 152 people have recovered from the District Kovid Isolation Ward, ICU Ward, Kovid Care Center Vatsalya Bhawan and Manasa Center and Home Isolation. On Monday, a large number of people recovered from the Kovid ward of the district hospital and from the Kovid isolation ward of the district hospital. Home isolation was advised by the doctors as they were in normal condition. As of May 2, there are 1011 active corona patients in Neemuch district.

Due to increase in the number of patients in the district hospital, treatment is being done in Vatsalya Bhavan. Adequate medical staff is employed in Vatsalya Bhawan. 10 beds are provided with oxygen beds. The Chief Medical and Health Officer said that Kovid positive patients who do not have symptoms or have common symptoms, receive medicine kits at homes by mobile medical unit and be isolated in separate rooms at home. Those who have a normal oxygen level and have normal symptoms do not need to come to the hospital. Take the medicine given in the medicine kit according to the doctor’s advice and stay isolated at home, you will become healthy. For Kovid related information, District Kovid Control Command Center number 1075 can be contacted.

179 people injected corona vaccine

Javad On Saturday, people over 45 years of age got the Corona vaccine installed in the city. Vaccination started in the school grounds located at the bus stand from Saturday. Earlier, vaccinations used to take place in the government hospital, now the Kovid Center has been opened at present. On Saturday, 179 people have vaccinated the corona vaccine. It was noted that Sajjanbai Sen, an 80-year-old old woman, got the corona vaccine at the vaccination center. Also, people over 45 years of age who had to have their second dose have also gone to the vaccination center and got vaccinated. Other health workers, including staff nurses, are supporting the vaccination campaign.

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Kukdeshwar People are worshiping deities to get rid of Corona epidemic. Under this, the water and sprinkling of several Shaktipeeths of the city were sprayed. In Sahasra Mukeshwar Bholenath, the ritual of chanting a hundred lakh Mahamrityunjaya, the sacrifice of yagna and the worship of Mahishasura Mataji, the blessing of Navi Maa Kali Kalka and the worship of Navan Bhavani Shakti Bhavani Maa, the blessing of Khedapati Balaji and all Shaktipeeth Maa Rani and Ganga water with Navin – Gomutra was invited by Pandits and sprayed in the city. Worship and religious practice mainly included Rajendra Patel, Samalal Bhoot with Kailash Khandia, Kotwar Karulal Dhani, Kanhaiyalal Tamoli etc.