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19 thousand farmers bought wheat amidst infection

19 thousand farmers bought wheat amidst infection


Five days of purchase and 13 thousand farmers saved from selling wheat

Gaurav Gupta Agar-Malwa (AboutGyan).

Wheat procurement on support price started from 27th March. Despite Corona infection, the arrangements at the procurement centers have been better than the coordinated efforts of the respective departments of administration. The farmers received coordination on the basis of gunny bags, transportation, storage as well as payment. Purchase in the district is to be done by 15 May. So far, around 19 thousand farmers have sold wheat. 13 thousand farmers are still left from selling wheat. Five days left for purchase. The payment of wheat purchased has been 83 percent. At the same time 98 percent transportation has been done from the procurement centers.

District Nodal In-charge of District Cooperative Central Bank Agar Suresh Sharma said that Collector Awadhesh Sharma continuously monitored the morning and evening from the committee members constituted under the chairmanship of District Collector and in coordination with the District Procurement Committee. This year, center-wise nodal officers were appointed at gunny, transport, storage and procurement centers. Those who monitored the centers kept them informed about the problems of procurement to the members of the District Procurement Committee. With this, the problem related to the immediate center continued to be resolved. Many employees at the centers also fell ill, but the system of employees from the immediate surrounding institutions continued to operate smoothly in the Corona period at 39 centers in the district. Hammals of many centers also fell ill. Work was also affected, but SMS’s remained organized. According to the arrangement of the centers, the messages were sent from Bhopal, due to which the crowd of farmers did not get started at the centers. The procurement centers have been done at most government and private warehouses godowns this time. At some places in the district, the purchase was also done in the shed of the mandi courtyard. Transport of purchased wheat was carried on continuously. This is the reason that till May 6, 98 percent of the transport has been done from such centers. The amount of wheat purchased till this day is 245 crore 88 lakh 16 thousand rupees. Out of this, about 203 crore rupees have been paid to 16 thousand 120 farmers.

Purchase reduced, extend date

This time wheat procurement of support price of 12 lakh 44 thousand 970 quintals has been done till May 6. However, right now the purchase of five days after Saturday-Sunday holiday is to be done according to the previously announced program of the government. Last year, the total purchases were about 18 lakh quintals. The purchase lasted until the last days of May. Last year, due to lack of gunny during the procurement, due to lack of timely transport, farmers in this district, like many districts of the state, came out on the road in anger due to the long wait at the procurement centers and every day against the mechanism and the system. Demonstrations continued. Bhartiya Kisan Union District Spokesperson Pramod Joshi says that the procurement work was arranged amidst the corona infection. But employees and hammal etc. fell ill at many centers. Due to this, procurement work was not done for some days at some centers. Farmers also fell ill in villages. In such a situation, many farmers could not come to sell wheat. In such a situation, the government should extend the date of purchase till May 31.

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