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200 Banyan trees will be planted in Saraswati Garden for Pranavayu

200 Banyan trees will be planted in Saraswati Garden for Pranavayu


Anjad (AboutGyan News). Saraswati Upvan has been prepared on a hill spread over 27 acres near the city. With hard work, about seven thousand plants have now become trees on the rocky hill in 10 years. At the same time, under the campaign of AboutGyan, a campaign to plant banyan tree in Saraswati Upvan is being started from June 10. Initially, it has been resolved to plant 200 banyans on the hill.

It is to be known that about 10 years ago the beginning of plantation in Saraswati Upvan was done by the social worker Late By Suresh Patidar. After this, dignitaries including the local press council have continued this sequence. Various species of trees are blooming on the hill. This work has now been linked to the campaign of Nai Duniya. Member Manish Patidar said that AboutGyan has taken a better initiative. Under this, all the members have decided that they will start by planting 200 banyan saplings. This number will increase even more in the coming time. During taking the resolution, many people including the founding President of the Press Council Manak Vadnere, President Rajendra Dev Rai, Vice President Sukhdev Malviya, Secretary Sunil Bhavsar, Kailash Hatdia, Sunil Nimade, Gaurav Vadnere, Bike Patidar, Gaurav Joshi, Ravi Shimla were present.

Biodiversity Garden will be prepared with public cooperation

Khargone (Rep. of New Zealand). Innovation is being done by constructing Biodiversity Garden with public cooperation in Government Secondary School, Mothapura. The garden is being prepared on the initiative of science teacher Narendra Karma. In which wire fencing work will be done on the school land with public cooperation. Fruit plants, medicinal plants will be planted in this garden to enhance the nutrition and immunity of the school children. To make the students aware of the environment and to teach the lesson of economic self-reliance, organic farming, organic manure, vermi compost, organic pesticides will be taught to make. Here independent habitats of birds and fish etc. will be made. Swings will be provided for the students. Apart from this, environmental related works will be done from time to time. Public cooperation is being taken to do this work. Teacher Karma told that for the last three years, the mind was made to do this innovation, but due to lack of adequate water facility this work could not be done. Efforts are being made again for this work due to the arrangement of tube wells by the PHE department. In this work, along with Karma Natwar Patidar and TC Patidar Jan Shikshak, fellow teacher Mahimaram Mandloi contacted the villagers for public cooperation.