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200 youth arrived in Kalapeepal to get vaccinated

200 youth arrived in Kalapeepal to get vaccinated


Kalapipal Mandi (AboutGyan News). So far, a thousand vaccines have been introduced in the vaccination started for people between 18 and 44 years of age. They are being vaccinated after online registration.

It was launched on 12 May. One thousand people have been vaccinated in nine sessions in the center built in the excellent school of Kalapipal. Till now only 100 people were being registered at this center, but on Saturday, its number was increased to 200 in open registration. On Sunday, 100 percent people got vaccinated after registering at Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir square school center. More than 50 people were vaccinated in two hours till 12 o’clock here, the remaining people got vaccinated at their own time. According to the health center, one thousand vaccines have been planted here, about 11 thousand vaccines aged between 18 and 44 years and above 45 years.

Booking did not take even a minute

So far, during the vaccination of only 100 people in a day, many people were not able to register online, in such a way that when its number was increased to 200, it is expected that the number will come easily now, but on Saturday at 9 o’clock Online registration opened, within a minute all 200 vaccinations were registered. Many people could not register themselves even after repeated attempts. It is said that due to online registration, besides the local people, people of other cities are also getting Kalapipal vaccinations by registering them, in which the local people are not getting a chance.