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36 new patients again increased infection

36 new patients again increased infection


Nagda Jn.. Corona’s speed is not taking the name of pause. On Monday, 36 cases have been reported in the city, including 24 in rural areas and 1 positive in Unhel. The CT scan in Janseva saw 27 positives in three days, which is not recorded in the records. One died. Four patients returned healthy from the Kovid Center. 173 people above 45 were vaccinated.

The pace of the corona in the city and rural areas is not taking its name. The number of positives is increasing daily in the rural areas including the city. In town on monday

Indu Colony, Gulabai Colony, Gandhigram Colony, Birlagram, Prakashanagar, Prakashanagar, Chetanpura, Gandhigram Colony, Paliarode, Puvad Liya, Prakash Nagar 2, Shiv Colony, Chetanpura, Amlavadia Road, Vidyanagar, Azadpura, C Block Tapri, G Block, Housingboard, 36 positive cases were reported in Durgapura and rural Azimabad Pardi, Chambal Palia, Village Nayan, Kilodia, Mohina, Kalsi, Kalalkhedi, Nawada, Bheda Forest, Chawand, Umaria. One patient was discharged from the Insurance Covid Center. 3 and 1 patient died from the isolation ward of the government hospital. 170 patients came to the hospital for treatment. The Corona investigation of 148 took place. 173 people above 45 years of age were vaccinated.

Kovishield’s second vaccine after 84 days

The second dose of the vaccine was earlier given after 42 days, due to which people are circling the vaccination center. Kovid Center in-charge Dr. Sanjeev Kumravat said on Monday that two companies, Kovishield and Co-Vaccine Vaccine, have been installed in the city. In this, the co-vaccine has been installed to 3 thousand 200 people. The second vaccine is being injected 28 days later. Those who have got this vaccine go to the vaccination site and get the vaccine. During research conducted in Brazil and the UK for the second vaccination of Kovishield, it was found that it would be beneficial for them to get the second vaccine within 84 to 112 days.

Coronavirus Ujjain News: Legislative work stopped on all ghats of Shipra river to prevent corona infection

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The villagers reached the village to get a second dose in the scorching sun.

Nagda Jn.. The negligence of the health department had to bear the burden of the second dose of Kovid. Some residents received a message that a second dose village would be installed in the Hindi. About 60 to 70 people reached the village Hidi in the scorching sun, then there was no vaccination center there. When he discussed with the health officials, he dismissed it as a technical error. On getting the message of the second dose to the residents of the school, when they reached the vaccination center of Kanyasala school, it was found that after 84 days Kovishield will get vaccinated. There was a lot of ruckus about this. The matter came to a standstill after the police and officers explained.