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98.99 percent recovery rate one new case

98.99 percent recovery rate one new case


Jhabua (Representative of New Zealand). The recovery rate from corona in the district has reached 98.99 percent. The state of infection is that after examining 1160 samples, 1159 reports have come negative. Only one positive has been found. Active patients are also now only 18 left. If precautions are taken, the district can become corona free.

Since the knocking of corona virus infection, it has been discussed at the national level that the immunity of the citizens of the district is good, so the epidemic will remain neutral here. This belief was proved by the district in a year’s journey, but in the month of March, Bhagoria fairs and weddings were so careless that the district got stuck in the midst of a severe crisis in April. Now the situation is back to normal but the way forward will be able to remain normal only after taking precautions. If we forget the rescue methods, then the third wave will not take long to arrive.

relief for the time being

On Monday, 1160 investigation reports were received, out of which 1159 reports came negative. Only one was found infected. The number of those who won the battle against infection is also increasing every day. That is why the recovery rate has reached 98.99 percent.

corona meter

– 01 new case on Monday

– 02 recovered on Monday

– 00 deaths in 24 hours

– 7681 were positive

– 7604 recovered so far

– 59 death

Bhagoria 2021: In the shadow of Corona, the folk festival of Madhya Pradesh, Bhagoria, from Monday

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– 18 active patients

avoid going into the crowd

Now the great care is to be taken that one has to avoid going in the crowd.

– Always wear a mask

– Have to follow the physical distance rule

– Keep washing hands thoroughly

– still better to say hello

Apart from vaccinating oneself, one has to inspire others as well.

don’t be careless

Dr. BS Baghel, Civil Surgeon of the District Hospital, says that the methods of rescue have to be kept in practice. Don’t be careless at all.