After the death of her husband, the devars withdrew three lakh rupees from the bank account


Ujjain (Nai Duniya representative). After the death of her husband from Corona infection, a woman has filed a case of Khaitanat against her two brothers-in-law. The woman alleged that after the death of her husband, two of her mobiles were also kept by the brothers and transferred three lakh rupees from her bank account to the online father-in-law’s bank account. The police have registered a case against both the accused in the case.

Police said that Manali wife Suresh Parmar (33 years), resident of Rudakhya Kanwas Police Station, Depalpur, is in Anjushree Colony Ujjain. Manali told the police that her husband Suresh was a project manager in the Infosys company. She lived in Pune with her husband and two daughters Mishika and Kavya. In September 2020, Rudkhaya returned to the village with husband and daughters due to work from home. On April 18, when Manali’s father Radhakishan deteriorated, she came to Ujjain, her maternal uncle Anjushree Colony, along with Suresh Parmar. Husband Suresh Parmar also became corona infected after his father died of corona. Suresh then underwent treatment at the first Pushpa Mission and later at RD Gardi Medical College.

During this, his brother-in-law Rajesh and Manoj along with Manali also stayed in the hospital. Suresh died on May 3 while undergoing treatment. During the funeral, both the mobile devar Rajesh and Manoj were kept with them. When Manali asked for the mobiles from the brothers, he asked to be returned after getting up but did not return it. After the ritual, Manali checked the online husband’s bank account of SBI Pune on a laptop, it was found that after the death of her husband, there was an online transaction from her account. Three lakh rupees have been transferred to father-in-law Lallu Parmar’s account. On this, Manali reached Nanakheda police station and lodged a complaint against Devar Rajesh and Manoj in Section 420 and Amanat.

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Manali told the police that her husband Suresh used two mobiles. Online transactions from bank accounts were also done through mobiles. The mobiles also contained information about bank information and passwords, email IDs etc. Devars transferred three lakh rupees using them only.

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