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Alirajpur: Demand for four hours exemption with follow the guide line in Corona curfew

Alirajpur: Demand for four hours exemption with follow the guide line in Corona curfew


Alirajpur (AboutGyan Representative). District Congress President Mahesh Patel has demanded the collector to give a four-hour exemption in the Corona curfew from 8 am to 12 am, following the Kovid guide line. He said that due to the epidemic, Corona curfew has been imposed in the district for the last one month. This has broken the chain of corona infection and the graph of infection rate in the district has also come down significantly. It is a relief for the district. Recently the public curfew has been extended till 25 May. Small traders are deeply troubled by the ever-increasing curfew. Apart from this, the rainy season is coming. Tribal farmers have to make other preparations along with procuring manure, seeds and agricultural equipment for preparing sowing etc. Shops of manure-seeds etc. are closed in villages and towns. This is hurting the farmers. Common people are also worried about essential household items including grocery items. Therefore, shops should be opened in the district by following the Kovid guide line from 8 am to 12 am so that the troubles of the needy people can be removed. During this time, the guide line should be compulsorily followed. Action should be taken against shopkeepers who violate it. People should also show self discipline with strictness. Apply all masks and follow physical distance. Also, all eligible people must get vaccinated compulsorily. Provide full support to district administration, police, medical staff.

Police were seen feeding fodder to the innocent, distribution of masks

Alirajpur In the midst of Corona epidemic, the human face of the police engaged in the day-to-day enforcement of public curfew is also coming out. Since everything is closed due to the Corona curfew, the food crisis has arisen for the animals roaming the streets. In such a situation, traffic police personnel were seen feeding the cattle in the city on Sunday. Meanwhile, the police also distributed masks to the people moving out without masks. Traffic station in-charge Subhash Satpadia said that the speechless cannot tell their pain to anyone. Therefore, with the support of the team, the fodder was managed and fed to the animals. In this work, ASI Bihari Lal Verma, Avtarsingh Yadav, Constable India, Madan, Imran, Sunil, Bhajan etc. were supported.