Anti Tobacco Day 2021: Gayatri Shaktipeeth family quits drug addiction campaign in Bhopal on Tobacco Day


Anti Tobacco Day 2021: Bhopal (Navdunia Representative). The Gayatri Shaktipeeth family on Monday, on the occasion of Tobacco Prohibition Day, made people aware not to consume tobacco under the ‘Quit India Addiction Campaign’. For this, online communication was conducted through Internet media, in which people were told about the ill effects of eating tobacco. The speakers appealed to people not to use tobacco to stay healthy. Abandon bidi and cigarette. Do not let children get addicted to any kind. Parents make their children aware not to get intoxicated. Keep an eye on them too. If children get intoxicated then explain them well. It is often seen that children between 12 and 16 years are getting addicted. If someone starts consuming tobacco, many become addicted to other types of drugs including bidis, cigarettes. This is causing diseases like cancer to people.

Ramesh Nagar, in charge of the drug addiction Bharat Chhodo Abhiyan from Gayatri Shakti Peeth family, informed that people were made aware through internet media. Now people will be filled with the resolution of addiction addiction in the unlock. Keeping the Corona Guidelines going from house to house, people will be made aware to not take any kind of intoxication by distributing pumplets. The Quit Drug Abuse campaign has been going on for the past several days. Under this, the Gayatri Shakti family goes to villages and villages to make people aware of not having any kind of intoxication.

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