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At present, the responsibility of the people has increased in controlling the infection.

At present, the responsibility of the people has increased in controlling the infection.


Mandsaur (AboutGyan Rep). The pace of the corona epidemic has slowed down for over a fortnight. And now it has reduced to less than half a percent, that is, not even one patient is being found in 100 people. Although the corona epidemic has come under control after the infection rate has come down, the virus is not over yet. Therefore, now the responsibility of all the people has increased because it will now depend on the behavior of all the people whether the infection will stop here or it may increase. Here the demand for oxygen has reduced in the district hospital, so large cylinders of oxygen brought from tehsils are also being returned. On Saturday, only four patients were found in the investigation of 1110 samples. Active patients have also come down to 166. At present, 31 patients have been found in five days of June, while in the district only 3009 patients have been found in 36 days.

The number of corona infected patients in the district is now going towards zero. There are signs of reduction in this, but in view of the dreadful situation of April, now the administration is not in a position to take any kind of danger. Therefore, even after the continuous decrease in the number of patients, along with unlocking the market, the entire staff is kept on alert and awareness campaign is being conducted door-to-door. According to the Health Department, 16 coronas have been found on Sunday, eight on Monday, nine on Tuesday and 10 on Wednesday, six on Thursday, two on Friday and four on Saturday. The number of patients is continuously decreasing. The positivity rate is also continuously coming down in the district. The positivity rate was 22.11 percent on May 2, that was 2.66 percent on May 26 and one percent on May 27, 0.84 percent on May 28, 0.68 percent on May 29, 0.62 percent on May 30, 0.40 percent on May 31, 0.43 percent on June 1. 0.79 percent on June 2, 0.79 percent on June 3, 0.22 percent on June 4 and 0.36 percent on June 5. This decreasing rate is indicating that the impact of the epidemic in the district has now reduced. The effect of the safety measures of Kovid-19 being adopted by the people is also visible. The existing health staff in the district is putting full emphasis on the treatment of corona infected at their level. Its results are now visible. After getting less number of patients, if this trend continues even further, then it will be the most relief news for the district.

22 recovered, 4 new patients found

The infection in the second wave of corona in the district is now decreasing. Patients are decreasing day by day. Four patients have been found on Saturday night. On the same day, 22 patients have recovered and gone home. 5482 patients have been found in 66 days, which has crossed 13 times the total of 417 patients found in March. The total number of infected patients in the district has gone up to 9017. There have been 8767 people going home after recovering.