Balaghat News: Congress Seva Dal activists protest with black flags on their homes


Balaghat, Katangi. All the Congress Seva Dal activists protested with black flags on their houses, demanding a ban on rising inflation and waiving the electricity bill for two months. Every soldier of the Congress Seva Dal is angry against the false case against the president of Madhya Pradesh Congress Kamal Nath. Congress Seva Dal District Vice-President Santosh Parihar said that Madhya Pradesh Congress President Kamal Nath was opposed to false lawsuit and to curb rising inflation, waive electricity bill, waive school, college fees, medical personnel hired on daily salary in Corona Assistance of Rs 5000 in the account of poor daily wage laborers, deteriorating health system, black marketing of injections, assistance should be given in the bank accounts of the poor and middle class people.

To curb the rising cost of food items, the family members of the patients wandering for the death certificate of the deceased person from Corona are not getting the death certificate at the right time. Due to which the people of the government are not benefiting from the schemes of governance. All these demands are opposing the government by putting black flags, black strips on their houses.

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Inflation broke the back: He said that inflation is constantly increasing in the central and state government. Where the whole country is financially troubled by the Corona epidemic and the lockdown. At the same time, instead of giving concessions to the general public, inflation is constantly increasing. All the items of life used in cooking food at home are expensive. If there is anything cheaper in this government, then it is the chain of human deaths. The economic condition of the common people has deteriorated, the government should provide financial assistance to the poor, laborers and middle class people during the Corona period. Due to inflation, it is becoming difficult for the common citizen to take care of his family. Edible oil, which was Rs 85 per liter in the last lockdown, is currently being sold at Rs 160 per liter. At the same time, the prices of pulses are touching the sky. Petrol has crossed Rs 100 and gas cylinders are available for Rs 900, ie inflation has broken the back of people.

Balaghat Crime News: Naxalites are setting fire to pressure recovery on Tendupatta contractor
Balaghat Crime News: Naxalites are setting fire to pressure recovery on Tendupatta contractor

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Challah operation on Chowk Chairahs: Congress Seva Dal District Vice President Santosh Parihar said that if the poor laborer violates the lockdown in the state, then there is more attention on Section 188 and challan action at the square. On May 27, all the city executive and activists including Congress Seva Dal Municipal President Manish Chowkse protested by putting a black flag on their houses to arouse the government against inflation and deteriorating health system due to these wrong policies of the government.

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