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Banyan plant gives oxygen for 22 hours


Mandsaur (Rep. of New Zealand). In Mandsaur district also, under the campaign of AboutGyan, more than 20 banyan trees were planted on Thursday. In some places, organizations have also taken a pledge to plant banyan trees as soon as the rains start due to the scarcity of water. Collector Manoj Pushp planted five banyan saplings in the collectorate premises. On this occasion, he said that when the banyan plant becomes a tree, it emits oxygen for more than 22 hours in a day. Now this campaign will gain more momentum in the district and the number of plants emitting oxygen will also be increased.

More than 20 banyan saplings were planted especially on the day of Vat Savitri Amavasya on Thursday, under the campaign ‘Vat Vriksha De Varadan’ of AboutGyan. At the same time, conscious people including various social organizations took a pledge to plant about five thousand banyan saplings across the district when the rains started. As part of the campaign, first on Thursday, SP Sunil Tiwari planted a sapling of elder at the Narcotics Wing office of the police located at Multakanpura intersection on the bypass. Here along with him, the staff of the wing also took a pledge to protect the plant till it grows up. After this, in the afternoon, Collector Manoj Pushp planted four trees of elder in the premises of the collectorate. Earlier, Finance Minister Jagdish Deora, Environment Minister Hardeep Singh Dung, MP Sudhir Gupta and MLA Yashpal Singh Sisodia also planted saplings here. Now in the collectorate itself, there are about 20 trees of elder in a single block, which will take the form of a tree in a few years. Collector Manoj Pushp said that everyone has understood the importance of oxygen during the corona pandemic. Trees of some other species including Banyan, Neem and Peepal keep giving natural oxygen for 22 to 24 hours, so plants of these species have to be planted more and more.

Seniors showed the same enthusiasm as youth

In Ramtekari, senior citizens of Sudama Nagar Mohanlal Sharma, Laxminarayan Deora, Jagdish Sharma, Dinesh Porwal, Sanjay Vijayvargiya, Manish Garg, Vipin Garg among others also planted neem and peepal along with banyan in Telia Talab Balaji premises under the campaign of AboutGyan. Triveni Ropi. And for their safety, a tree guard was also installed. Now every day these people will also take care of it.

Mandsaur Unlock News: Now shops will open in Mandsaur only till 4 pm

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City Lungs will also be made in Kendriya Vidyalaya

Kendriya Vidyalaya teacher Alok Punjabi informed that now Kendriya Vidyalaya campus is also being developed as oxygen hub and city lungs. It has been started by planting oxygen emitting plants here. Shady and medicinal plants are being planted. In this indigenous plants like Banyan, Neem, Amla, Karanj and Arjun are being planted. Principal Priyadarshan Garg told that the corona epidemic has warned us that lack of oxygen can lead to dire situations, so it is important that we plant trees and protect them as well. Lifestyle changes and dependence on machines have polluted our atmosphere today. We can free the environment from this poison only when we will plant shady trees around us. Along with tree plantation in the school, children are also constantly being motivated to plant saplings in their homes and colonies.

Medha Patkar said in Mandsaur, the fight will continue till the agricultural law is withdrawn

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naiduniya knowledge

1. According to a scientific study, an adult ie old tree gives 230 to 250 liters of oxygen daily.

2. According to research done around the world, up to 10 liters of oxygen is released in 24 hours from new plants.

3. If an old tree is cut, then 25 saplings should be planted in return.

mathematics of trees and life

The station road of Mandsaur, the Mhow-Neemuch highway used to be buzzing with big and old trees. But now counting trees have survived here. Apart from this, recently, about 10 big neem trees have been cut from the police line to the jail for the construction of the drain. Apart from this, where there was greenery, now the number of trees has remained very less.

Rain in Mandsaur District: In Mandsaur district, rain in many places, trees fell due to storm, the wall of the house fell, the sheets flew away.

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People alone give oxygen for 22 hours a day

According to experts, peepal is the only tree that releases oxygen for 22 hours. Where this tree lives, there is no shortage of oxygen around. Peepal gives oxygen even at night. Neem, Banyan, Tulsi trees also give oxygen for more than 20 hours like Peepal.


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