Before doing any important work, check on Twitter if the electricity in your area is not going to be shut down.


Bhopal (Navdunia Representative). If you are planning to do necessary work related to electricity, then go to the electricity company Twitter and see if the power in your area is going to be shut down. In fact, Madhya Pradesh Central Region Power Distribution Company is sharing its information on Twitter before shutting down the power. Its purpose is to inform consumers about the deduction from the past. The company has started this feature on its Twitter account @mpczDiscom. The company is giving the list of cuts in each area of ​​the city on its Twitter handle just one day in advance.

Can’t find information on local WhatsApp groups

Company MD Ganesh Shankar Mishra had instructed the field officials four days ago to inform the consumers of the area before the cut and after the sudden power shutdown. So that consumers do not have to complain and have knowledge in their cognizance. Instructions for sharing power supply information on WhatsApp are there even before but very few on-field officials are following it.

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Do not even inform about the sudden power shutdown

The authorities are not giving any information about sudden power shutdown. This is the reason why power is off in any area, then thousands of consumers of that area have to call the company’s toll free number 1912. Then the reason is found out. Many times consumers also complain, due to this, the pressure of complaints increases at the call center.

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