Bhopal Arts and Culture News: Where did I come to an agreement throughout my life?


Bhopal Arts and Culture News: Bhopal, Navdunia representative. ‘Gamak’, a series focused on the activities of multiple disciplines, is being broadcast online on the Internet media platform. Under this, Urdu Academy organized ‘Sham e Ghazal’ on Thursday, in which Bharati Vishwanathan of Bhopal presented Ghazal singing. The program is being organized by the Department of Culture, Government of Madhya Pradesh.

The Ghazal singing was broadcast on the YouTube channel and Facebook page of the department. Ms. Viswanathan famous poet- Khalish Dahlvi’s ‘Where did the agreement come throughout my life, when did I come to myself" Started with and then momin- ‘Woh jo hum mein tum mein agreement tha" And Nida Fazli’s ‘Revenge yourself, stay what you were" Presented ghazal. After this, he did Jigar Moradabadi’s ghazal ‘Ik Lafj Jo Mohabbat Ka Sona Sa Fasana Hai’." And Wasim Varelvi’s ‘How to hide what is obvious from your face"Sheri Bhopali’s ‘We have nothing to do with them, but the heart has no rest" Presenting ghazals etc., tied the knot. He was accompanied by Arif Latif on the board and Shahnawaz Hussain on the tabla.

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Bharathi Viswanathan is active in singing for twenty five years. She has been singing classical, sub-classical, bhajan and mainly Ghazal. He received his early education in singing from Padmashree Ustad Abdul Latif and his son Anwar Hussain. He is an MA (Gold Medalist) from Bhopal University in Bharati Sangeet. She is All India Radio’s ‘A’" Grade Artist and ICCR. Key empaneled artist. Bharti has presented singing on many prestigious forums of the country.

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today in gamak

Under the Gamak series, on June 11, 2021, at 7 pm, Sahitya Akademi will broadcast a literary musical presentation based on Sant Singaji-Vijay Sapre and Saathi, Bhopal on the YouTube channel and Facebook page of the Department of Culture.

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