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Bhopal Business News: Karond grain market opened after 51 days, yet inward weak

Bhopal Business News: Karond grain market opened after 51 days, yet inward weak


Bhopal Business News: Bhopal (Navdunia representative)! The process of unlocking has started in Bhopal. After about 51 days, Karond grain market also opened on Wednesday, but the arrival looked weak. On Wednesday, only about one thousand quintals of wheat-gram came to be sold in the market. However, farmers got better prices. Grain traders expect the arrivals to increase from Thursday.

Significantly, due to Corona curfew, the market was closed since April 12. The government had given permission to open the market from June 1, but on the first day of the unlock, the traders and the market committee made a strategy for buying and selling, so that the rules of physical distance and wearing masks could be followed. Due to this, circles were made to keep grains at a certain distance under the shed. This was followed by the purchase on Wednesday.

Bhopal Grain Merchant Oil Association spokesperson Sanjeev Kumar Jain said that due to corona infection, fewer farmers reached the market on the first day with their produce. Wheat was sold from Rs 1750 to Rs 1850 and gram fork from Rs 4800 to Rs 5100 per quintal. The arrivals will increase from Thursday, as information about the opening of the market has been conveyed to most of the farmers.

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In the season, arrival up to seven thousand quintals daily

The arrival of wheat and gram daily during the season is up to seven thousand quintals in the mandi. With this, a business of up to two crore rupees is done per day and the government gets up to three lakh rupees per day in the form of tax. This time when the wheat-gram arrival season started, the market had to be closed due to Corona curfew. However, most of the farmers sold most of the wheat to the government on the support price, but kept the gram. So its inflow will increase.