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Bhopal crime news: Five lakh items stolen from a closed shop in lockdown

Bhopal crime news: Five lakh items stolen from a closed shop in lockdown


Bhopal Crime news: Bhopal (Navdunia representative). A case of major theft has come to light from a shop locked in lockdown in Bairagarh. The unknown miscreant entered inside the shop and escaped after collecting goods worth about five lakh rupees, including valuables. The police have started investigating the case by registering. After this theft incident, the traders association has asked the police, who is responsible for the theft in the closed shop under lockdown.

According to the Bairagarh police, textile businessman Suresh Keshwani (49) lives in Lakepurl Gardens on Airport Road. He has a big salwar suit shop in Krishna Plaza, located near Bairagarh police station. Suresh told the police that his shop was closed since April 12 due to Corona curfew. On Monday 31 May, when he opened the shop to take out the check book, he saw that all the goods were scattered inside and the locks of the four flocks were broken. On checking, the silver bowl kept in the galley, the silver Lakshminarayan idol, 21 silver coins, two gold pies weighing 2-2 grams and cash of Rs 10,000 were missing. When Suresh checked the contents inside the shop, other clothes including salwar-suit clothes and two cartons of thana were missing. The miscreants took away more than five lakh rupees from the shop.

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The rogue entered inside by breaking the back wall

The miscreants have exposed the Bairagarh police in lockdown. Instead of breaking the locks of the shops, the thief had entered inside by breaking the back wall and escaped with the goods by the same route. The special thing is that the shop in which the theft happened is located about 100 meters away from the Bairagarh police station. Despite this, the police did not even realize the theft. The thieves broke gold and silver jewelery and stolen goods worth about 50 thousand by breaking the lock of the house of Sooraj Kumar, living in the CTO located in the same police station area.