Bhopal Crime News: Worker murdered elderly watchman after minor dispute


Bhopal Crime News: Bhopal (Navdunia Representative). The water fell on the watchman of the building while being lowered into an under construction house of Bairagarh. After getting ready, the watchman started abusing the laborer. The laborer first prevented him from abusing him, when he did not listen, he stabbed the watchman’s head with a wooden bat. The elderly janitor died during treatment. The police have arrested the laborer on the charge of murder.

According to the Bairagarh police station, Bansingh Thakur (60), originally resident of Indore, had been guarding with the family for three months in the under-construction building behind the Shikhar Hotel. His daughter-son-in-law works in another nearby building. Banne Singh was making a kitchen at one place of the house. On Thursday, around 10 am, a laborer named Ramsingh was doing a low-level work in the under-construction building of the neighborhood. During this time the water fell in Banne Singh’s kitchen. Banne Singh objected after getting out. As the dispute escalated, people of Banne Singh’s family rushed to the spot and calmly settled the matter.

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After a while Banne Singh again started abusing Ramsingh. Ramsingh came in a fit and picked up the bat lying nearby and killed Banne Singh on the head. Banne Singh was rushed to the hospital for treatment. After getting his head bandaged there, he returned home. He kept talking to his wife and family till three in the afternoon. After this he slept on the bed.

About six o’clock in the evening, a relative of Banne came to meet him. Family members saw that there was no movement in Banne Singh’s body. He was rushed to Hamidia Hospital. After checking there, the doctor declared him dead. Police have registered a murder case and taken Ram Singh (45) into custody.

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