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Bhopal News: Family members planted saplings on the death of the oxygen tanker owner

Bhopal News: Family members planted saplings on the death of the oxygen tanker owner


Bhopal (Navdunia Representative). The month of April in the city was when the Corona infection was at its peak. There was no supply of oxygen in the hospitals. There was 24 hour supply of oxygen in the hospitals of the city. In view of this, the late Paramjit Singh, the tanker owner of Inox Oxygen Company, Bhopal, took the front along with his son Ambu Singh. Paramjit Singh came on one tanker, Ambu Singh himself drove the tanker on the other tanker. The tanker wheels did not stop. Paramjeet and Ambu remained on the tanker for 20 consecutive days. During this time, first Paramjit Singh was prone to corona infection. Then his son Ambu. Paramjeet Singh died on 24 April while undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Bhopal due to a corona infection. Now Rajendra Singh, brother of the late Paramjit Singh and other family members, have vowed that in memory of the late Paramjit Singh, he will plant a green plantation in the resting ghat of village Samardha on Hoshangabad road. On Wednesday, family members planted saplings in the ghat in the presence of regional BJP MLA Rameshwar Sharma. Planted more than two dozen plants of other species including peepal, banyan, neem, rosewood, mango. MLA Rameshwar Sharma said that if the late Paramjit Singh had wished, he could entrust the tanker system with the help of the driver and operator, but he himself took up the front for oxygen supply along with his young son. We are all hurt by the tragic demise of Paramjit Singh. He fought like a warrior for the society, following the ideals of Guru Govind Singh Sahib. Shri Sharma said that even though the late Paramjit Singh is no longer among us, the decision taken by his family members to plant saplings in his memory is an inspiring step in the society. MLA Sharma said that our ancestors had taught us to worship the river, pond, trees etc. How important was that, perhaps we are now better understanding this matter. How important it is to preserve and promote the environment for the availability of oxygen in the environment. For this we need to rethink.

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