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Bhopal News: Forcing society to think: Media work too: Prof. KG Suresh

Bhopal News: Forcing society to think: Media work too: Prof.  KG Suresh


Bhopal (Navdunia Representative). Journalists should be vaccinated with priority as frontline corona warriors. The Editors Guild is also demanding this. A small country like Azerbaijan has decided to compulsorily provide free vaccination to all journalists above 18 years of age. Senior journalist Prakash Dubey said this in an online special lecture organized by Makhanlal Chaturvedi National Journalism and Communication University (MCU) on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day. The program was chaired by the Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. KG Suresh did it. In a lecture organized on the role of journalists in the Kovid-19 epidemic, keynote speaker Prakash Dubey said that it is unfortunate that adequate arrangements for treatment of journalists were not made. Journalists are constantly doing field reporting, so for them, the facility of Covid investigation should be free or at minimum rates. He said that according to the international agency, 1184 journalists in 76 countries have fallen victim to Corona, while in India so far, 56 journalists have committed their lives by getting infected with the corona. He also said that it deliberately spread the illusion that newspapers spread the virus, while the fact that Kovid’s virus did not spread through newspapers. There is no such case in the world, which shows that a person has been infected by reading a newspaper. Mr. Dubey said that the journalist should be accountable to the public. When it feels that there is a mistake in the governments, then it becomes the responsibility of the journalists to show the mirror to the governments. The program was conducted by Dr. Rakhi Tiwari, chairman of the journalism department and the vote of thanks, the registrar in charge Prof. The holy Srivastava did it.

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The Vice Chancellor presiding over the program, Prof. KG Suresh said that journalists are not able to evaluate themselves as much by introspection. People of other areas also evaluate themselves, then the picture of the country may change. We have to build the reputation of our profession on our own. It is not right to think negatively about your profession. Vice Chancellor Prof. Suresh said that apart from criticizing the government, it is also the job of the media to force the society to introspect. It is also our responsibility to make the society realize its responsibility. Why should the government only lockdown, why should we not follow self-discipline. He said that while communicating with the government, he also demanded that the journalists should be vaccinated with priority. While enforcing the subject, Dr. Shrikant Singh said that Indian journalists have given their sacrifices by playing the role of frontline Corona warriors in the battlefield against the corona infection. Journalists have conveyed necessary and necessary information to the common people without worrying about their lives.