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Bhopal News: Ghazal is the only way to express your feelings: Pratibha Singh Baghel

Bhopal News: Ghazal is the only way to express your feelings: Pratibha Singh Baghel

Bhopal News: Bhopal. Playback singer and ghazal singer Pratibha Singh Baghel said that she was fond of singing since childhood, my father being a police officer as well as a singer Were. Thus the atmosphere of music came from home itself. Started singing at the age of three. First learned classical music and as she grew up, the trend of ghazals increased. Famous singer Pratibha Singh Baghel, who has spread the magic of her voice in films like ‘Zid’, ‘Manikarnika’, said in a conversation with Navdunia that it is not that ghazals are the choice of elders only, if it was so, there would not have been a houseful here today. Ghazal is such a strong link of songs in which the feeling of love and sorrow can be described in a very good way, Ghazal is the only way to express your emotions, you can call Ghazal as a way to convey your emotions to the people. Can, which everyone feels as their own. That’s why it would be wrong to call it the choice of old people. All that is needed is to promote Ghazals among the youth as well.

Mumbai has been the city of dreams for me: From Rewa to Mumbai Regarding his journey, he said that Mumbai has really been the city of dreams for me. Mumbai has welcomed me and given me a lot. I started with classical singing in Rewa and now I am making my mark in the field of Ghazal. It’s been almost 15 years since I stepped into the world of music. On the current era of ghazals, he said that when we used to listen to the recreation of old ghazals in Coke Studio, they seemed new to us but those ghazals were very old. Now Ghazals are being presented in a very beautiful way through recreation. In the film industry too, a lot of work is being done in Ghazals. Ghazals are coming in films and webseries.

Internet media most effective medium: Says Pratibha who started her journey with TV show Saregamapa That singing reality shows are a very good platform for kids and adults to express their talent and it is also giving exposure to the talents. Along with this, now internet media has also become a great medium to bring your art in front of the world. He said that I have done many concerts in Bhopal, in which my special concert has also been with Talat Aziz. This year, we had performed on the birth anniversary of poet Dr. Bashir Badr, in which we also sang ghazals of Badr Saheb. Ghazals are appreciated here more than in other cities. On the other hand, about her upcoming project, Pratibha says that in the coming time, I am going to present an album tribute to Ghazal singer Madhurani.

Posted By : Lalit Katariya