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Bhopal News: Small and medium traders demand package in crisis due to continuous bandh

Bhopal News: Small and medium traders demand package in crisis due to continuous bandh


Bhopal (Navdunia Representative). Small and medium traders are upset due to the Corona curfew. The government should waive the electricity bills of such traders, as well as give them an economic package so that their household expenses can be met.

The Block Congress Committee has made this demand. Chairman Nanak Chandanni and spokesperson Mahesh Kumar Gurbani have said that it has become difficult for small and medium traders to run household expenses due to frequent market closures. Even at such a time, the government is collecting its taxes. Despite the closure of shops, full electricity bills were also collected last year. This time the government should waive electricity bills, property tax, bank interest, school fees and GST. Congress leaders have said that there is a debt burden on the traders. In many shops, employees have to pay salary every month. Employees are also poor. It is not a good thing to stop their salary at such a time. The government should give a relief package in view of the troubles of the traders.

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Implement pension announcement

Congress leaders have also demanded a monthly pension of three thousand rupees to traders above 60 years of age. The block president has said that the BJP had said in the election manifesto to give pension to senior businessmen, but after the election, the BJP government has forgotten this promise. The merchant class is most troubled at the present time. Announcement of pension should be implemented. Congress leaders have said that electricity bills are being sent even after the shops are closed. this is wrong. When everyone knows that the shops are closed then why are the bills being sent.