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Bhopal News: The situation of mismanagement in AIIMS, locks hanging on toilets made for patients

Bhopal News: The situation of mismanagement in AIIMS, locks hanging on toilets made for patients

Publish Date: | Wed, 21 Sep 728 02: PM (IST)


NaiDunia LocalBhopal, Navdunia Representative. Patient at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Bhopal And locks have been installed in many toilets built for their relatives, which are not being opened. It is being claimed by the management that locks have been installed in some to improve, while the keys of some are not being found. The great thing is that these toilets have been built in public corridors inside AIIMS so that patients and their relatives who reach OPD can use them. Although the toilets built inside the ward are open, so the admitted patients and their relatives do not face any problems.

Please tell that daily in the OPD of AIIMS from 1800 to

Patients are arriving. A minimum of one and a maximum of two relatives arrive with a patient. In this way, the number of people reaching AIIMS daily 3600 reaches five thousand. Hundreds of these patients and relatives stay in AIIMS from 8 am to 4 pm, who need toilets.

citing security reasons

From Ground Floor There are locks on many toilets till the second floor, some of which are written in white paper about locking for security reasons.

expenditure in the name of censor, but all useless

Sensor based toilet seat has been installed inside the toilet, most of them have become useless.

Documents with Navduniya

Navduniya Team Reached AIIMS four times in the last six months. Last time 17 September on the night 17.59 and 18 Night of September 2022 1.

. The team has found closed toilets near the Department of Child and Pediatrics, Respiratory Diseases, Central Laboratory, near the OPD of Pediatrics Department and other departments.

here, need to be aware

AIIMS There is also a need to be aware of the patients and their relatives. Some are drying clothes inside AIIMS and some have been seen throwing garbage out of dustbins. The problem of frequent dirtying of toilets also persists due to non-running of water after use.

Direct talk to Dr. Kawal Pandita, Public Relations Officer of AIIMS

Question- Why are there locks on the toilets?

Answer- Some of the maintenance is going on and the keys of some are not being found. The number of closed toilets is very less. Patients are not facing any problem, toilets are open for them.

Question- Some have been locked for six months and some have been locked for one year, this can be seen in CCTV. How are you doing maintenance for so long?

Answer- No toilet is closed for so long. The Executive Director of AIIMS has given instructions to start everyone.

Posted By: Ravindra Soni

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