Bhopal News: Years ago the construction was not completed yet the completion certificate Municipal Corporation sent notice to more than 100 builders


Bhopal News: Bhopal (Navdunia representative). In the capital Bhopal, the building permission branch of the Municipal Corporation has started action against the builders. This time notices have been issued to more than 100 builders who did not take the completion certificate. This notice has been issued to the builders for not taking the certificate after the completion of the building work as per their plan.

It is worth mentioning that on May 12, a meeting of the officers of the Municipal Corporation was taken by the Divisional Commissioner Kavindra Kiawat. In this, he had directed Chief City Planner Vijay Sanwalkar and other officials to issue completion certificates to the builders and notices should be sent to those who have not taken them.

Corona curfew was imposed in the city at that time. Due to this, the Municipal Corporation did not issue the notice, but after the unlock, now notices are being issued from the building permission branch to the builders by marking every zone wise. It is being told that after this notice, another notice will be issued, in which the day will be fixed for taking the certificate. Despite this, if any builder does not take the completion certificate, then action will be taken against him.

Smart City in MP: Due to lack of funds, the work of Smart City in Indore, Bhopal and Jabalpur remained incomplete.

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Preparations for action on marriage gardens also

The Municipal Corporation has instructed the assistant engineers to initiate action against illegal marriage gardens as well. Notice is being issued to those marriage gardens who have not yet obtained the completion certificate. All the assistant engineers have also been asked to provide the work completion certificate, settlement case and development fee, repair fee information by June 7.

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