Bhopal News: Youth dies after being hit by train in Habibganj area, brother refuses to take dead body


Bhopal News: Bhopal, Navdunia representative. On the railway line behind Kanha Tower of Habibganj, the body of 32-year-old Anoop Singh, resident of Ishwar Nagar, was found by the police in a mutilated condition. When the police talked to his family members, his wife expressed her inability to come from Betul as she was pregnant. Apart from this, his brother refused to accept the dead body, saying that there was no relation with the deceased in any way. Later, two sub-inspectors of Habibganj police station wrapped his body in a sheet for one kilometer and took it out with the help of people and kept it in the mortuary of Hamidia Hospital. His last rites will be performed after the arrival of the relatives.

According to Habibganj police, information was received from the control room about the death of a youth after being cut off from the rail on the up-down track behind Kanha Tower. On this, Sub Inspector Amit Bhadauria and Sub Inspector Abhimanyu Singh were sent from the police station to the spot. Where he got the body out of the drain. The deceased was identified as Anoop Singh. With the help of people, they brought his dead body on foot for about a kilometer. Both the sub-inspectors had a lot of trouble due to bad road. When Ajab Singh, the elder brother of the deceased, living in village Bhaukheda Tehsil Ashta district Sehore, was contacted over phone, he said that he had ended the relationship with the younger brother long ago due to bad habits. Saying this he refused to accept the dead body. The wife of the deceased is pregnant and is at present in Betul. On receiving the information, he expressed his inability to come immediately. After this the body of the youth was kept in the mortuary. Top police officers have also praised the work of both the sub-inspectors.

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