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Bhopal Railway News: Trains will start running again in June in Corona curfew but passengers will remain strict

Bhopal Railway News: Trains will start running again in June in Corona curfew but passengers will remain strict


Bhopal (Navdunia Representative). The railway is preparing to run trains closed in the Corona transition. If everything goes well, then this train will start running by the end of June. In fact, in many districts of Madhya Pradesh, as well as other states, there is a corona curfew till June 1. In a way there is a lockdown-like situation. All kinds of business are closed except urgent. Due to this, people are avoiding getting out. Trains are not getting passengers. In view of this, the railways have stopped some trains. Each railway division has two to six closures. Their coaches are being remodeled. Bhopal Railway Division has also stopped five trains, which are ready to run as soon as the pressure of the passengers is read.

Bhopal has canceled these trains

Due to low passenger numbers, Bhopal Railway Division has run Bhopal Express between Habibganj to Nizamuddin, Janshatabdi Express running from Habibganj to Jabalpur, Vindhyachal Express running from Itarsi via Bhopal to Bina, Bhopal- Jaipur to Bhopal- Jaipur-Bhopal Express, the Bina-Katni Bina Memu train running between Bina to Katni has been canceled.

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Railwaymen engaged in preparing coaches

Before preparing to start the trains which have been closed by the railways, the railway personnel have started doing the primary maintenance of the coaches installed in them. Some coaches of such trains are being cleaned. Minor and minor technical shortcomings coming in them are being removed. This is going on in all the circles. An official of the Railway Board said that the trains which were stopped, have given instructions to keep them ready keeping in mind the need to run the trains. As the pressure increases on the respective railroads, trains will be commissioned under the Corona Transition Protocol.

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Passengers will have to follow the guidelines

Passengers must follow the Corona Guideline. Before entering the station and traveling in the train, one has to walk with a mask. Frequent washing of hands will have to be done and sanitizer will have to be used. Traveling should be avoided in case of cold, cold or fever.