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Black Fungus in Indore: Committee of experts to study black fungus patients

Black Fungus in Indore: Committee of experts to study black fungus patients


Indore (Newdunia Representative), Black Fungus in Indore. A large number of cases of black fungus mucarmoicosis have been reported in people recovering from corona. For the study of these cases, Divisional Commissioner, Dr. Pawan Kumar Sharma has constituted a committee of experts to study these cases. This committee will submit its report after detailed study. This committee will study the cases of 124 patients. In this, Professor and Head of Department of Medicine, Dr. VP Pandey, Member, Department of Respiratory Medicine, Dr. Deepak Bansal, Professor and Head of Department, ENT Member, Dr. Yamini Gupta, Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, Dr. Shweta Walia, Professor, Department of Dentistry, Dr. Vilas Nevaskar and Assistant Professor MGM member Dr. Amit Thora will serve as a member. Dr. Manish Jain of Bombay Hospital, Dr. Ravi Doshi of Aurobindo Hospital and Dr. Sunil Chandiwal of Choitharam Hospital have been included for their cooperation.

Black Fungus in Indore: Anti fungal injections for Black Fungus patients admitted to MY Hospital in Indore

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Divisional commissioner said that the fact is coming out that the cases of this disease are not only from the patients treated from the hospital, but some of these cases are also from home isolation. In such a situation, it has become necessary that a detailed and nuanced study of the case history of these cases be done.

Points of study include covid positive-negative status (status), home isolation institutional treatment, duration of illness (duration of illness), use and quantity of steroid auditorid (use of steroid), medicines taken (drugs used antibiotics, tose, etc.) ), Use of wet masks (use of masks), use of oxygen (through water / self / cylinders) and co-Marbility / Diabetes status etc.