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Brain stroke caused loss of voice while doing MD but did not give up Corona would also lose

Brain stroke caused loss of voice while doing MD but did not give up Corona would also lose


Physician Dr. Shailendra Parihar released his video to increase positivity in corona infection

Bhind People are engulfed in depression during the transition to the Corona epidemic. The infected are experiencing negative emotions. In such a way, Dr. Shailendra Parihar, a well-known physician of Bhind city, has released a video to tell three stories related to his life in order to give positive energy to patients and common people. Through the video, he told that he has defeated death not once, but three times, depending on God and doctors. He has told that he had a brain stroke while studying MD in Raipur Chhattisgarh. The voice went away, but he did not give up and is now leading a happy life.

The doctor narrated his three stories:

1. Dr. Shailendra Parihar says that he was doing MD medicine from Raipur. He had a brain stroke during that time. His voice went away. Paralysis occurred, but did not give up. After defeating the disease, I am fully healthy now.

2. After MD, he was on his way to Delhi with a patient for treatment. A terrible road accident occurred on the way. He got a deep stomach injury. The doctor performed the operation and removed the spleen. Now we get vaccinated for pneumonia every year.

3. Dr. Shailendra Parihar says that one should have faith in God in order to inculcate a positive sentiment among the people. He said that he was present there at the time of Uttarakhand tragedy. Won there too by the grace of God. We do not have to give up at all.

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There is a small virus, it will soon be cured:

Dr. Shailendra Parihar said that he is providing tele medicine these days. During this time many patients are involved. Negative prices are coming more in patients. The videos have been released so as to increase positivity in them. Dr. Parihar says that at this time there is an atmosphere of despair. Life is bleak, but we have to find a ray of hope in it. We have to maintain our self-confidence. Corona is a small virus. Do not worry, you will be healthy to beat it soon. With this, Dr. Parihar has narrated three stories related to his life.