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Changed platform of Garib Rath in Jabalpur, it comes to know at the station

Changed platform of Garib Rath in Jabalpur, it comes to know at the station

Publish Date: | Tue, 30 Nov 04: PM (IST)

Jabalpur,Naiduniya Rep.The platform of Garib Rath train running between Jabalpur to Mumbai has been changed at Jabalpur Railway Station. This train is being dispatched from platform two instead of platform one, but the problem is that the passenger gets to know about it after coming to the railway station. From the departure of Garib Rath train 10 to As soon as the information about the platform of the train appears on the display to the people coming to the station minutes before, they should take all their luggage and children along and give them the platform. starts running towards In fact, in view of the crowd and convenience of the passengers in the train, the operating department of Jabalpur Railway Division used to leave this train from platform one, but according to the railways, it is being dispatched from platform two since June. Passengers boarding the Garib Rath going from Jabalpur to Mumbai remained upset on Monday night. The train was to leave the railway station at 7.45 at night. Most of the people reached here around 7.30 pm. Most of the people did not know that the train has started going in two instead of one. As soon as he came to know about this, he started running towards platform two with his luggage. At the same time, those with whom there were children, they also started going towards two. So far, Jabalpur Railway Division has been dispatching most of the trains leaving from the main railway station from platform one and six. These include all trains from overnight to Somnath, Shaktipunj, Chitrakoot, Amravati, Janshatabdi, Gondravana, Samparkkranti, Mahakoshal, Shridham. Out of all these, the biggest crowd is in the poor chariot, even after this the operating department has started leaving it from platform two instead of platform one.

Here comes the problem:

– Platform one has one lift and one escalator.

– Platform 2 has a lift, can be accessed by escalator facility

– Most have to go up and down stairs

– There is only Garib Rath to go from Jabalpur to Mumbai

– Always in it 320 there is more waiting than


increasing crowd of passengers on the platform during the corona period In view of this, Garib Rath is being dispatched from platform two instead of one from the month of June.

– Mutyunjay Singh, Station Director, Jabalpur Railway Station

Posted By: Brajesh Shukla

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