Conversation with BJP Minority Front Officer Dr. Gulrej Shaikh: Leave the party, no one even in the Sangh asked the vote


Mohammad Rafiq, Bhopal. Me and my family are associated with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Due to the inclination towards politics, I joined BJP. I am an example for those who call BJP a wrong party for Muslims. Yes, I am a Muslim but leave aside the BJP, even while working for the Sangh, none of its office bearers questioned me about my vote. Service was the main thing. This is to say of Dr. Gulrej Shaikh. Gulrej has recently been made in-charge of internet media at the national level in BJP’s Minority Morcha. This responsibility has been entrusted to him from the account of Madhya Pradesh.

Presenting about the status of Muslim leaders in BJP, Dainik Jagran’s associate publication ‘AboutGyan’" Special conversation with Dr. Gulrej Sheikh, resident of Ujjain.

Question: The position of Muslim leaders is not strong in BJP?

answer: It’s not like this. Confusion is spread about minority class in all the states. In Congress, Muslims are asked whether you are Shia or Sunni, whereas my party has never questioned me about it. People have to understand that due to vote bank politics, Congress and other parties seek their advantage by spreading such rumours.

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Question: Why chose to join BJP?

answer: Our family was associated with the Sangh before I joined the BJP. Father MA Sheikh has been a doctor and his posting has been in Kathivada and Jobat area. During this time, he got in touch with the pracharaks of the Sangh and he was impressed by the service work of the Sangh and stayed connected with them. Even at home there was a movement of preachers. He was guided by him since childhood and never came in the way of it. The rest of my family is also influenced by the ideology of the Sangh. I did my early education from Lokmanya Tilak School. Being influenced by the Sangh, he got inclined towards politics and chose BJP.

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Question: What is the reason for spreading confusion among Muslims?

answer: Our family is highly educated and in Muslim society the highly educated are not affected by the lies of Congress and other parties. Now it is my responsibility to expose such lies and bring the truth in front of the society. Progress of Muslims is possible only through education and BJP is providing opportunities for education to all sections.

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