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Corona Fighters: Being positive and busy with your mind can fight this disease

Corona Fighters: Being positive and busy with your mind can fight this disease


Bhopal Corona Fighters: I have been following the precautions of the Kovid-19 guidelines along with the family for a year. Despite this, Corona could not survive the second wave. I had a mild sore throat and fever. After the first antigen test was negative, it did not look good, then got RTPCR done. Was then found positive. In the first two to three days, there was a lot of panic in the name of Corona. How I got done, what would happen, how would it be okay, because I was on high risk due to suffering from pneumonia a few years back. Everyday new symptoms were seen. Sometimes if I was restless, I would not sleep someday. I got quarantined at home on the advice of doctors. At the same time, both the daughters also came positive after two-three days. Now I felt that as the head of the family, I had to be strong. Then the three of us vowed that now we will not come out of fear, come out of this disease and win. For this I continued to guide the children of their regular routine. Medicines, nutritious food, two time steam, took the decoction. Continually consulted the doctors. He had told family and friends that no one should tell negative news and news over the phone. Identify the disease at the right time and treat it in the right direction without being nervous. Maintain your faith in God and follow the doctor’s instructions properly. Keep yourself busy and positive.

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