Corona Fighters Bhopal: Husband buoyed up and boosted morale


Corona Fighters Bhopal: I got fever on 14 April. After that the antigen test was done on April 16, the report came back positive. In the investigation, 13 percent of lung infections were infected. On the advice of the doctor, I went home with Isolate and started treatment. Sugar and thyroid have been having problems for the past three years. On April 20, there was a sudden panic, then showed up in the hospital. The doctors admitted. After this, there was difficulty in breathing, then oxygen was applied. If there was a problem in breathing in one night, then put oxygen mask on. Oxygen level went to 60. When scanned again, the infection increased to 85 percent. A little nervousness arose, but the husband stayed together and encouraged and boosted morale. After this, oxygen was supported for about 25 days. The oxygen level was also 86 at the time of discharge. The doctors recommended oxygen support at home, then ordered oxygen concentrator and gradually increased oxygen level while staying at home. Even now, oxygen is required for some time. Will get rid of this in a couple of days. I have defeated Corona because of my will and husband’s conviction. Do not panic and keep your self confidence high. Corona can definitely be defeated. Suman Rathore, 42 years old, Talaiya

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