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Corona kills two out of 11 machines on Grasim industry

Corona kills two out of 11 machines on Grasim industry


Nagda Jn.. This time the government has not banned the industry during the Janata curfew but Corona was killed by the Grasim industry which holds goodwill in Asia. Two of the 11 machines had to be shut down by industry management due to lack of production, which reduced production by about 100 tonnes. At present, no officers and workers have been laid off from work. A similar chemical division industry also reduced production by 50 percent. Production is being done in the industry on demand of production there.

Out of the 11 machines, number 8 and 9 of the 11 machines were discontinued due to non-lifting of the fiber produced in the industry. The Grasim industry produces about 375 tonnes per day from 11 machines. With the shutdown of two machines, the production has reduced by about 100 tonnes per day. Due to the closure of two machines, at present, the workers are not being put off work and they are being given employment by doing other work. According to the rules, the management has said to provide benefits to the workers. Viscose Chemical is used by the pipeline in the Grasim industry. Therefore, the industry cannot shut down completely. After removing the chemical from the pipeline, the machine is gradually closed. If the machines are stopped simultaneously, then there is a big loss in the machines of the industry. Therefore, one by two machines are shut down under the process. Except for the process plants officers of the industry, officers of other offices are working from home. From video conferencing to meeting, senior officials are giving directions. If Corona’s chain is not able to break soon, then the possibility of the industry closing more machines cannot be ruled out. Similarly, the Grasim Chemical Division is also being impacted. Hypo is produced in this industry. It is used in making sanitizer. Due to the decrease in demand for other production, some machines were already discontinued. 50 percent of the production is in chemical. No workers have been laid off from work here.

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Due to lack of demand in production, two machines number 8 and 9 have been discontinued, which has reduced production by 100 tonnes per day. At present, no workers have been laid off. According to the labor law, workers will be given their benefits.

-Sanjay Vyas, Public Relations Officer, Grasim Udyog Nagda

Production of hypo has not been reduced during lockdown. Free hypo is being made available in other cities as well as people as per the requirement. The industry is being run according to the demand for other products.

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Anil Kamle, Senior Vice President, Chemical Division Udyog Nagda