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Corona positive woman dies during treatment

Corona positive woman dies during treatment


Javra. (AboutGyan News). On Thursday, a new corona positive came in the antigen test of Javra Government Hospital on Thursday, in which the report of a woman from Piploda has come positive. At the same time, a 60-year-old woman from Naya Malipura died during treatment. The number of positives is coming more in the rural area than in the urban area. At the same time, most of the villagers are also not showing interest in getting the Kovid vaccine. Governance and administration are motivating people to apply the vaccine, but its impact is less visible in rural areas.

In the government hospital on Thursday, 228 people were taken for corona examination, out of which samples of 156 people were tested in the antigen rapid test of the government hospital, in which a positive report came out. The remaining 72 samples have been sent to Ratlam Medical College for examination. Reports from Ratlam Medical College are yet to come. Vaccination work was done on Thursday at Mahatma Gandhi School and Lions Eye Hospital Vaccine Center. In Mahatma Gandhi School, 200 youth over 18 years of age were vaccinated by Kovishield. 119 people over the age of 45 were vaccinated by Kovishield. Covenshield vaccines were administered to 200 youth over 18 years of age at Lions Eye Hospital. Investigations took place in four content areas in the city on Thursday. During this time medical kits, medicines, decoction and arsenic tablets were distributed. The investigation team included Dr. Avinash Trivedi, Shailendra Kumar Dave, Akeel Mansuri, Shivraj Singh Tomar of the health staff.

Case registered for selling vegetables

Industrial police station TI Janak Singh Rawat said that the police team registered a case against Satish Mali in Bhimakheri village after he was found selling vegetables in violation of lockdown. At the same time, a conspiracy action was taken in the motor vehicle act of three people who roam with needless vehicles and charged a sum of 1500 rupees.