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Corona treatment advice: Taking precautions during the treatment of corona patients with diabetes

Corona treatment advice: Taking precautions during the treatment of corona patients with diabetes


Corona treatment advice Bhopal (Navdunia representative). Use caution in the treatment of corona patients already suffering from diabetes. This instruction has been given by Divisional Commissioner Kavindra Kiyawat to all the Chief Medical and Health Officers, Civil Surgeons, in-charge of Kovid Hospital, through video conferencing. He said that by treating the symptoms of black fungus infection, take quick treatment, keep proper identification and control of diabetes in the suspected Kovid and positive patient and healthy discharged Kovid patients, being aware of the diseases caused by the black fungus. Be sure to be treated appropriately. Through video conferencing, Divisional Commissioner and Superintendent Hamidia Hospital Dr. Lokendra Dave told the doctors present in all the blocks of the division during one to one discussion that such patients suffering from Corona and suffering from diabetes should be taken care of during treatment or treatment so that Black Fungus Disease can be prevented. During the discussion with the doctors, Dr. Dave said that if patients who are in severe condition from corona and are also suffering from diabetes disease, then they should be given estaroid according to need so that the person suffering from diabetes can reduce the chances of fungal infection. During this time, Dr. Dave told that a person with dampness, moisture and diabetes on the wall is likely to have fungal infections through the air, which has often been seen on the basis of the cases received so far. For this, he gave information about providing very careful treatment to diabetes and corona infected patients. He said that the person suffering from diabetes should reduce the amount of estaroid so that there is no possibility of infection. He advised to replace oxygen masks, cannulas and use diesel water as required.

Dr. Dave told that the diagnosis of black fungus infection is black particles or black leakage from the nose, mouth and eyes of the patients, closure of the nose, pain in the bones of the cheeks around the nose, face pain, persistent headache, Symptoms such as jaw, teeth, eye pain, fever, bruising in the body, difficulty in breathing, chest pain, watery lungs, vomiting of blood, smell of mouth and mental confusion.