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Corona vaccination in Bhopal : Popular characters of children are being inspired to get the vaccine through Motu Patlu

Corona vaccination in Bhopal : Popular characters of children are being inspired to get the vaccine through Motu Patlu


Bhopal (New World Representative). The one who loves his children, how he refuses the corona vaccine, papa-mummy, first the mask, only then the second task.

Amidst similar powerful messages, Madhya Pradesh Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang launched a unique campaign at Top End Town Chowk in TT Nagar. Keeping in mind the possible third wave of Corona, in this campaign, through popular characters Motu and Patlu among children, the general public is being motivated to get the vaccine. This campaign is being jointly organized by NSS, Awaaz, UNICEF and district administration. At the launch of this campaign, Minister Vishwas Sarang said that in view of the possibility of third wave of corona in Madhya Pradesh, this campaign has been implemented with special reference to children. This campaign includes precautions to be taken for children and touching appeals made by children to their parents. He said that such efforts are very much needed and hoped that this initiative will work. He also wore masks to the characters of Motu and Patlu on this occasion and also inaugurated the campaign vehicle by cutting the lace. On this occasion, Bhopal Collector Avinash Lavania said that the district administration is active all the time to defeat Corona and we are trying that the third wave does not cause any harm to the children, so this is a focused effort. is. Roli Shivhare on behalf of Awaaz Sanstha said that every time Awaaz group has been making people aware through some unique characters. This time we have come up with popular characters among kids. We are confident that this initiative will work and we will all win over Corona. If the city is unlocked, then we need to walk more carefully. NSS Program Coordinator Dr. Anant Saxena said that NSS volunteers work shoulder to shoulder at all times and give their services in the interest of the nation. Even before this we have stood on the front and will continue to stand still. Meanwhile, the pair of Motu-Patlu distributed masks to the people roaming without masks in the New Market, honored the parents who wore masks and those who had got the vaccine also, by giving them flowers. On this occasion CEO, District Panchayat, Vikas Mishra, IEC team of district administration, team of revenue department of Municipal Corporation, officers of police administration, NSS volunteers and colleagues of voice organization were present.

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