Coronavirus Curfew Updates in Bhopal: Police suddenly locked the old city, know what is the reason


Bhaepal (Navdunia Representative). In the capital, the Kareena curfew is in force, but the need will be slowed and is allowed to go after interrogation. Due to this the movement on the roads also remains, but on Thursday morning most of the routes of the old city were suddenly blocked. Collector Avinash Lavania, DIG Irshad Wali himself came down the road handling the system. The heavy police force went from place to place. In fact, this exercise has been done to prevent the possible rush of the city due to the arrangement of Aziz Mufti to attend his funeral. In view of the Karena infection spreading in the city at present, the concerned administration has made strong arrangements for this. Administration-Police is committed to follow the protocol of the Cavid Guide Line. On the other hand, the Muslim religious leaders have also appealed not to bring crowds from Lagein and to co-operate with the administration.

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Mufti Abdul Razzaq saheb, the founder of the capital’s oldest and largest madrasa mosque, Tarjuma Wali, died on Wednesday night. On Thursday, Namaj Janaja was arranged at Iqbal Maidan. They will be buried in a large garden cemetery near the Bhaepal Talkies at Dapehar. The administration had closed the avenues around Iqbal Maidan since morning due to the possibility of a large number of people joining the funeral of Mufti Abdal Razzaq Saheb. Blockade was done at every place. Maulana Maheed Ahmad Saheb has also appealed to Legane not to attend Namaz Janaza due to the Kavid epidemic. Avoid Kareena and save others. Pray for the Magafirat while it is on the clock. Do not crowd even in Iqbal Maidan. Significantly, a wave of mourning has spread throughout the city due to the news of the sick Mufti Razzaq’s death. Mufti Razzaq Saheb was also the national vice president of the Jamiat Ulema and was the director of the city’s largest Dini madrasa. Many big Qazi, Mufti and Alim have been his protégés across the city and the state. Razzaq saheb, who was a freedom fighter, had equal respect in political, social, civil and every class.

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