Couple fighting on railway track dies after being hit by goods train


Kareli/Narsinghpur (AboutGyan News). On Sunday, a couple died when a goods train from Jabalpur to Itarsi collided on the railway track near Kareli over bridge. After the incident, due to the delay by the police in getting the dead body, trains kept passing over the dead body of the woman lying in the middle of the up line. The deceased have been identified as Neeraj’s father Tulsiram Jatav 30 and his wife Sushma 25 years resident of village Shahpur. Those who had come from the village to Kareli to get the Aadhar card and due to some dispute between them, both were fighting on the railway track itself.

It is said in the incident that on Sunday afternoon, a couple died after being cut off from the goods train number TNS Chalisgaon on the railway line near the over bridge. The information of which was also given to the city police including the GRP. Since the spot was under the GRP, the action on the part of the GRP started late in the matter. Due to which one dead body remained lying in the middle of the up line while the other dead body remained near the line. Eyewitnesses said that the deceased couple were quarreling for a long time near the railway line over some issue. The bodies were picked up late even after he died after being hit by a goods train. Due to which some trains came out over the dead body in this interval. In the incident, GRP’s ASI VK Dubey said that after the identification of the dead, it has been found in the investigation that both had come to Kareli to get the Aadhaar card made. But it is not clear what was fighting between them and under what circumstances they came under the grip of the train.

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