COVID Advise: Sitpoladi beneficial for health


Indore, COVID Advise. Ayurveda expert Dr. Preeti Harode says that corona infection will have an effect on children as well, this has also worried children along with elders. A stress-free life and caution is very important for better health. To prevent children from infection, their immunity will have to be increased. For this, give them fresh, hot and nutritious food at fixed time. Give fresh and normal temperature yogurt or buttermilk once a day. Add black pepper and rock salt to it, which will act as a probiotic. Make jaggery intake regular, which will give iron. Keep protein intake better.

Protein is obtained from almonds, peanuts and pulses. Give raisins with almonds, which will also provide protein and other vitamins. Children have been in homes for a long time, due to which manual labor is not being done This is adversely affecting their mental and physical health. Parents should do yoga, dance or other physical labor at home, due to which children will remain happy and will not have any bad effect on body and mind. Also make children pay attention daily. Give Chyawanprash and turmeric milk regularly.

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It would be very appropriate to give Sitopaladi powder with honey twice a day. This powder can also be made at home. For this, prepare powder by taking sugar candy (16 hundred grams), vanashlochan (8 hundred grams), big pippali (4 hundred grams), small cardamom (two hundred grams) and cinnamon (100 grams). Its intake improves the respiratory system, increases fire and improves immunity.

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