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Cracked locks of houses and shops

Cracked locks of houses and shops


Cash from half a dozen places, including jewelery and other things went hand in hand.

Nalkheda (AboutGyan News). The thieves raided two medical and one grocery stores shop in the city as well as three littered houses on Sunday night. Unknown thieves broke the locks of the grocery store located under a house in the colony near the bypass road of the Baldavada Hanuman temple on Bhansauda Road in the city. Shopkeeper Jai Goswami said that unknown thieves stole about five thousand rupees cash including two 12-liter oil boxes, gutkha-pouch packets kept in the shop.

The operators of both the Ramdev Medical Stores and Radhaswami Medical Stores located in the shopping complex of Dokarpura area reached the shops on Monday morning and saw the locks broken. Immediately reported to the police on this. Dheeraj Rathore, the last son of the director of the Ramdev Medical Stores shop, told that the shutter on one side of the shop was raised high. Around 18 to 19 thousand rupees kept in the flock were missing. Director of Radhaswami Medical Stores Sanjay Putra Chhotulal Soni said that the thieves broke the locks of the shop and tried unsuccessfully to steal. Apart from this, the thieves also targeted the three deserted houses of the city.

Thieves scattered the contents of the rooms of the house by breaking the lock of the house in Jaiswal Colony of Ajay son Vinod Parmar, resident of Baragaon, Tehsil. Ajay Parmar told that on May 18, his family had moved to stay in Bargaon from the work required by locking the house. On Monday morning, he received information from the neighbors of the house in Nalkheda that the locks were broken. Parmar told that by breaking the lock of the cupboard, a gold chain, earrings and a silver jeweler worth about 10 thousand rupees and 25 thousand rupees in cash and about 35 thousand rupees were stolen from an unknown thief. . Raju’s son Bhagwandas Gawli, who lives in the local Jaiswal Colony, said that he along with his family had gone to Bhind at his brother-in-law’s wedding on 2 May. When he returned home on Monday morning, the door lock of his house was broken and there were items scattered in the house. He informed the police about this. Raju Gawli said that the thief broke the lock of the cupboard kept in his house, his wife’s gold coil, silver bangles and pajeb stole about 50 thousand rupees and cash of 20 thousand rupees. Unknown thieves carried out the unsuccessful robbery incident by cutting the knuckles of the doors of the house of Kailash son Bhanwarlal Lalwani in Sati Mohalla and breaking the locks. Kailash Lalwani told that he had gone to Indore on May 17 for the treatment of his wife. He reached Nalkheda on Monday morning after receiving information from neighbors about the house locks being broken. On reaching home, he saw that there were things scattered in the house and an iron sentiment was inserted in the cupboard. The attempt of the thieves was unsuccessful due to the not opening of the cupboard. However, these incidents of theft that have taken place in the city have left a mark on the police’s promptness, night patrolling and functioning.

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I am out now for family reasons. I will be able to tell something only after taking information. I come and show you.

– Anil Kumar Purohit, Station Incharge, Police Station Nalkheda