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Dabra: Then the market would be uncontrollable, crowd all around

Dabra: Then the market would be uncontrollable, crowd all around


Dabra. naiduniya representative

To give relief from Corona curfew, the administration has started opening the market by creating A and B zones. Under this process, Wednesday was the second day when the market was opened that people were seen flouting the set guidelines. Crowded at city squares, neither shells were seen in front of shops nor physical distance between customers. Shopkeepers themselves have started shopping without masks. If the market continues like this, then the situation may worsen. Here, near the city’s bullion and overbridge markets, shopkeepers are doing arbitrarily. Shops in B zone were to be opened on Wednesday, but shopkeepers were seen opening shops in A and B zones since morning. Regarding which SDM Pradeep Sharma, Tehsildar Ramniwas Sikarwar, Tehsildar Sitaram Verma, TI Vinayak Shukla reached with their team and closed the shops of shopkeepers who opened shops against the rules. Along with this, it has been explained that if the guide line is not followed, then action will be taken against the shops and shopkeepers.


Bhitarwar: Get the customers hidden in the shops removed and then got the lock installed

According to the new roster of the administration, the entire market of A site was opened on Tuesday. So on Wednesday, the B-side market was opened from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm. During this, apart from the customers in the B-site’s opened market on Wednesday, a lot of people also came out on the streets to see the market. On the other hand, some shopkeepers of A-side kept trying to give goods to the customers by entering the shops secretly in their shops. When the police administration came to know about it in the morning, he came out on the streets and took out the customers hiding in the shops and got them locked. In the afternoon, under the instructions and guidance of Bhitarwar SDM Ashwani Kumar Rawat, Naib Tehsildar Kamal Singh Koli, Chief Municipal Officer Satish Kumar Dubey along with the staff of Revenue and Urban Bodies came out in the market to follow the guidelines of the unlock process. During this, those shopkeepers who did not get the mandatory inspection done within a week were warned that the shop would be allowed to open only during the roster.