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Damoh: Dangerous roads built on inaccessible valleys were noticed, accident happened

Damoh: Dangerous roads built on inaccessible valleys were noticed, accident happened


Banwar (AboutGyan News). There are dozens of road routes in Jabera district where there are danger points in every step on the roads built on the inaccessible valleys. If you lose sight of the vehicle while driving, then an accident can happen. In these roads, roads have been made by cutting the inaccessible hills of Gidra from Bansipur including Mala Pondi Link Road, Telan Marg Valley, Singrampur Bhainsaghat, Pati Surekha, Bhajiya Jhanda, from where the traffic is on, but neither these roads are easy and safe. . Because the roads were built, but by reducing the width of the road, the climb of the straight valley, these roads were not constructed for the sake of safety and easy movement. As a result, in the inaccessible valleys, flat roads are nowhere to be seen on the straight steep inaccessible valleys on the curved blind turns on these roads. By making roads on these valleys by the government, they have been developed as roads for transport, but the path of development of these remote backward villages through roads is still full of difficulties. Due to which the people of the villages living under the valleys move through these roads, but they do not hesitate to come and go on these roads. Because from these dangerous valleys, the slightest mistake of the drivers means that there is a risk of accident.

The one-way road remains due to less width of the inaccessible valley with a blind turn of 1.6 meters falling on the Mala Pondi Link Road of Jabera district. At the same time, the level of the valley is not less than the danger of vehicular climbing due to the road being a direct climb from the level. Where the cutting of the valley is so low that there is space for a vehicle to pass, but there is no space for crossing. While traveling through the straight inaccessible valley of the railway, there is a danger of the vehicle falling directly from the valley to a depth of hundreds of feet due to the slightest mistake of the driver. Such dangerous accidents have happened on the inaccessible valley. Although the traffic of two wheelers and four wheelers is passing through this valley in the odd condition of the dangerous route, but the route of this valley is not easy and safe for heavy vehicles to pass. The same situation is with the three-round valley of Bhainsaghati from Singrampur where the three-round climb of the valley is done. The vehicular movement here is momentarily fraught with danger. Such is the condition of Pati Surekha and Bhajiya, Jhada Valley Road. If we talk about the utility of these roads made by cutting the inaccessible valleys, then the short cut is a multi-use route from the short distance highway connecting these routes to Jabalpur-Katni district. With the demand of time, reducing the direct climb of these inaccessible valleys and making it easy keeping in mind the road safety, then this route will prove to be the most useful route of the district as well as speeding up the development of hundreds of nearby villages.

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Surprisingly, the Mala Pondi link road has been constructed twice, but the valley has not been cut to facilitate the inaccessible valley of the route. Which raises the question that the justification of the usefulness of this road is being questioned due to the government spending crores of rupees for easy safe movement on the inaccessible valley from the Mala Pondi Link Road. Although the departmental officials are saying that there is only a delay in getting the approval for the harvesting of this valley.