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Deep Parv 2021 Indore News: Celebrated Deep Parv with the children of Tang Basti in Indore

Deep Parv 2021 Indore News: Celebrated Deep Parv with the children of Tang Basti in Indore

Publish Date: | Tue, 33 Nov 2021 : PM (IST)

Indore, Naiduniya Representative, Deep Parv 2021 Indore News. Many organizations and people extended their helping hand on this Diwali in this city, which is also forward to help others. If someone celebrated Diwali by going to a cramped settlement, then someone took the initiative of positive change by distributing clothes, sweets, food etc. to the needy.

Keep a smile on everyone’s face on Deepawali. Keeping this in mind, some youths of the city took the initiative and celebrated Deep Parv with the needy. The youth of the city Anand Patil, Anil Birla, Avanti Patil, Sudeep, Sandeep and other friends together decided to help the needy people on this Diwali. This group of youth collected money among themselves and not only bought food, clothes and crackers for the children living in the cramped habitations, but also distributed fireworks with those children.

Anand explains that the joy of the festival was celebrated with the children so that they do not feel alone. Along with this, we also wanted to give a message to the society that happiness increases by sharing and every person should take steps in the interest of society at his level. When we just give something to someone, he is not as happy as we spend time with them with giving that thing. Earlier we youth were involved in this work but gradually other family members also started supporting us. Now we also want to work for the education of children. Our aim is that those children living in the slums who do not go to school, they should be motivated for education and arrangements for their education should also be made.

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