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Deepening of the dams near the rains is incomplete

Deepening of the dams near the rains is incomplete


Amarkantak (New World News). 9 dams in the holy city of Amarkantak are being renovated by the government under the supervision of the Development Authority and Pushparajgarh SDM, the target is to complete the pre-rainy work but the rainy season has remained less than 1 month and many dams As the work is in balance, after decades the cost of crores of dam, staff dam repair and ghat construction, the work plan has been kept, due to contractor and administrative negligence, the chances of completion are less now. The first dam of Maa Narmada in Amarkantak has remained in 8 other dams including Pushkar Dam. The work of silt and deepening now seems that it is not possible to be done this year, if not done this time, it will not happen again for many decades. Due to the fact that after the filling of water, no work will be done.

In Amarkantak these days it is raining after noon every day. Rain starts here in the month of June, so the main time is left for only 20 days, but the way the work is being done by the contractor at a slow pace and the administration this month the goal of deepening and ghat construction of all the dams. It has been kept that the claims are unlikely to be completed, which would be called a gross negligence. Work did not start rapidly during the summer. The work has been done by the contractor at a lower rate. The use of less machinery is also doing the work back and forth. Due to the rain, the siltation and deepening of the Pushkar dam now seems that there will not be a single machine in the Pushkar Dam in the morning, silt is removed from one side. And after noon, due to rain, the same silt again comes into the dam’s stream. One is not done as deep as the Pushkar dam was to be done. All the dams, including Pushkar, have been scrapped by citing the rule of law. Earthen mounds like dams are still lying in the dams and the dam has become deeper. Little is being done that it seems that there has already been a plan to defer and to stay in this dam. If this kind of irresponsible work continues, then the day is not far in Amarkantak. In the coming years, the water source of Maa Narmada may decrease again. In Amarkantak, all the rivers, ponds, wells and natural water sources of Maa Narmada will die of thirst without water. The agency through which the Amarkantak dams are being deepened, they have two dams like Pushkar Dam and Madhav Sarovar. Work will never be done after the Narmada waterlogging, so their work should be done soon after which other dams are not being taken care of in this matter.