Demand for improvement in non-term conditions of Kovid-19 Compassionate Appointment Scheme


Indore, AboutGyan Representative. Madhya Pradesh Third Class Employees Union has demanded a change in the terms of the Kovid-19 Compassionate Appointment Scheme from the Chief Minister. Union officials pointed out that there are many inconsistencies in the plan. Due to these, the dependents of the deceased employees will be deprived of economic benefits.

Madhya Pradesh Third Class Employees Union Provincial President Vijay Mishra, Indore District President Rajkumar Pandey said that the basic objective of the government was to make the scheme employee-friendly, but due to impractical provisions made in it, the welfare of the employees will be deprived of the scheme. Netadvay said that according to clause 4.6 of the order, if any member of the family of the deceased government servant has been in regular service in the government service or corporation mandal council commission etc. in the past, then in such a situation no merit appointment will be eligible. Similarly, according to Condica 4.8, families who are eligible to receive Rs 50 lakh under the Chief Minister’s Corona Scheme will not be given the benefit of this scheme. Similarly in Condica 7.3 it is said that compassionate appointment will be given following the reservation rules. Paragraph 7.5 states that the committee will be allowed to create non-post posts. This committee will consist of the Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary, Finance Principal Secretary, the concerned departments and the Additional Chief Secretary General Administration. Due to such conditions, the benefit of Kovid-19 Compassionate Appointment Scheme will not be available to the dependents of the deceased employees. In the memorandum sent by the union, it has been demanded that the Chief Minister direct the General Administration Department to abolish the above impractical anomalous provisions of the scheme, while showing sensitivity towards the family members of the deceased employees.

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