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Demand for running Kashi Express Nagpur-Bhusaval and Itarsi passenger train also arose

Demand for running Kashi Express Nagpur-Bhusaval and Itarsi passenger train also arose


Nepanagar/Burhanpur (AboutGyan Representative). Due to corona infection, railways has stopped all passengers from March 2020

The stoppage of trains at Nepanagar was postponed.

Before January 2021, about five trains were started, but then one after the other got postponed and till now only Kushinagar Express is running. Pathankot Express is going to start from 16th June which will stop at Nepanagar for the first time after about 15 months on 17th June. After which the local residents, villagers, traders have raised the demand that the way it has been unlocked and the Central Railway has decided to start the Pathankot Express, similarly Kamayani Express, Kashi Express, Janata Express, Mahanagari Express, Nagpur Bhusaval Superfast, Itarsi Bhusaval Passenger, Katni Bhusaval Passenger should also be made operational. So that the business here can also get back on track. A letter has also been written to DRM Vivek Kumar Gupta on behalf of Rail Sangharsh Samiti regarding this.

Due to the closure of stoppages of trains in Nepanagar, common people, students, businessmen are facing a lot of trouble. A few months ago, the Rail Sangharsh Samiti met the DRM and demanded to run the passenger train.

Then D.M. Vivek Gupta had said that the passenger train has to be started in our jurisdiction, but before that the collector will have to write a letter to the secretariat and DRM. We can start Bhusaval Itarsi Passenger as soon as we get approval from the Secretariat, but Corona in Maharashtra

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The passenger could not even start when the infection did not stop.

Stoppage of passenger train is also closed since 15 months

The stoppage of Bhusaval-Itarsi Passenger, Katni Bhusaval Passenger is closed at Nepanagar railway station for 15 months. Due to which the common man is facing a lot of problems. About five months after the lockdown in March 2020, the stoppage of Kashi Express, Kamayani Express, Janata Express and Mahanagari Express etc. was returned, but later stopped. Only Kushinagar Express train is stopping here. While Pathankot will stop from June 16. Only after this there is hope of the common man that now other trains should also start. Nepanagar’s business business is being adversely affected due to the closure of trains. Common people, travelers, students, up-downers are all getting upset. It is worth noting that people of Nepanagar and surrounding rural areas had demonstrated at the railway station on 31 December 2020 demanding the introduction of passenger trains.