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Electricity theft caught, fined one and a half lakh rupees

Electricity theft caught, fined one and a half lakh rupees

Publish Date: | Thu, 24 Mar 01: 23 AM (IST)

Ganjbasoda ( Navdunia News). A week ago, the SE (Superintendent Engineer) of the power company, Sampoornanand Shukla got a bribe of Rs. On Wednesday, the Vigilance team of the electricity company raided the house of Zafar Qureshi, who was caught by the Lokayukta police. Company officials said that Zafar’s house was found to be using electricity without a meter. On this basis, a case of electricity theft has been instituted and a fine of Rs 1.5 lakh has been imposed. Here, Zafar described this action of the power company as motivated by the spirit of revenge. He said that the officials of the power company are pressurizing them to compromise in the Lokayukta case. Night on March 15 At Vidisha’s private hotel, SE Shukla of Electricity Company was arrested by Lokayukta Police from Zafar Qureshi 11 Was caught taking a bribe of thousand rupees. Zafar alleged that SE was demanding bribe from him in the name of allowing transformer charging. The officers and employees of the power company came forward in protest against the action of Lokayukta and in support of Shukla. They also staged dharnas in Ganjbasoda and Vidisha on Wednesday. Here, on Wednesday, the vigilance of the electricity company was given to Zafar, who lives in ward number 23 located on Jawahar Road. The team investigated. Seeing the team, a crowd of people gathered in the locality. During this, the officials of the local administration also cooperated with the Vigilance team in the proceedings. According to the information, on Wednesday afternoon, the Vigilance team was informed about the theft of electricity from Zafar, who lives in Chudi locality. The Executive Engineer reached the house and investigated. During this, electricity theft and electricity load at Zafar Qureshi’s house was found to be high. During this, the Vigilance team also got the videography done, the officers were engaged in the proceedings for about one to one and a half hours. During this, when the Vigilance team searched around the house, the meter was not found anywhere. The employee was then mounted on top of the house by the officials by asking for a big nose and was found to be using electricity through direct connection.

DE of the electricity company Rajiv Ranjan told that Zafar’s house was locked. So the team could not go inside the house. AC was found installed in his house from outside. There was no meter installed for electricity in his house. On this basis, the team has set up a case of power theft and fined one and a half lakh rupees on the basis of AC load. Here, Zafar alleges that after the Lokayukta action, the officials of the power company are harassing him and his family. He was out of town with family on Wednesday. During this, the power company conducted guerilla action. Company officials are pressurizing him to settle. He has denied the allegation of power theft. He said that he would take this matter to the court.

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