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Encroachment encroachers occupied the road along the footpath

Encroachment encroachers occupied the road along the footpath

Publish Date: | Thu, 21 Apr : 38 AM (IST)

Sehore (Navdunia Representative). Encroachment is visible everywhere in the city. There is so much encroachment on the main market roads that even two bikes cannot pass simultaneously. This encroachment is spoiling the appearance of the main market. Due to encroachment, there is frequent traffic jam in the market. To what extent is the encroachment on the roads of the city that two cars can pass through the road at night. Not even two bikes pass through that road in a day.

In such a situation, there is no pavement space left for the pedestrians. Pedestrians walk in the middle of the road. The place where they should walk is occupied by the shopkeepers or the cart sellers are standing. The width of the city’s day roads is more than feet, they appear to be three to five feet.

Due to encroachment in the main market, the biggest problem is during the wedding ceremony season itself. People go to the market for shopping during wedding ceremonies and festivals. There is a crowd of villagers for shopping, in such a situation, due to encroachment on the sidewalks and roads, there is frequent jam and there is a fear of accidents. The most important thing in this is that even after everything is in front, the urban body and the traffic police do not take any action, nor does the NAPA take strict action against them. Sometimes the corporation takes small actions, which do not have any effect for long.

Five feet encroachment on both sides

Encroachment shopkeepers themselves on the road. The shopkeepers keep the goods by placing stool-tables up to five feet in front of the shops. After this, when customers come to shop, their vehicles are also parked on the side of the road. Parking of goods and vehicles outside shops on the road creates a situation of jam. Lisa Talkies, Gandhi Market, Nagar Square, Pan Square, Main Market are jammed every day due to encroachment.

No arrangement for parking

There is no place for parking in the city. Plans are being made for a long time to make parking of two wheelers in the main market, but till now it has not been implemented. Due to non-reservation of parking space, customers are compulsively take vehicles inside the market, due to which there is a jam.

Encroachment should be removed

Such shopkeepers of the city who have kept the goods of their shops on the footpath. This causes problems for their customers and others. In view of this problem, the shopkeepers themselves should make the footpaths and roads encroachment free.

– Kapil Jain, businessman

people have trouble

even walking in the market place Not there. In such a situation, people are preferring to go to those shops which are outside the market. Due to this, the customers of the shopkeepers are getting affected. At the same time, people are also suffering.

– Devendra Rao, bank worker

not taking action

First of all, NAPA should be considered for small shopkeepers. A hawker zone should be created for this. so that they do not have problems. People have put up carts everywhere. Because no permanent place has been reserved for them anywhere. NPA should take action with this problem.

– Pankaj Sharma, District Congress Spokesperson

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